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At CHC Home Centers, we have the resources to get what you need, whether building your dream home or building a tree house. We take pride in helping you with whatever your next home project brings. Our team serves with friendliness and are backed with knowledge, resources, products, and expert advice.

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Competitive Building Materials Quotes

We are fully stocked with a wide variety of quality lumber to help you with big projects like building a home and small projects like building a bench. But we don't stop there, we carry all the building materials you need to finish off your project right from major brands like Zipwall System, Advantec, Tamko, Quikcrete, Leviton, and Quaker. Just one trip to CHC Home Center can get you everything you need.

Competitive Building Materials Quotes
Tool & Equipment Rentals

If you are needing a tool for a specific project and do not own it already, consider renting it from CHC Home Centers. We have a huge variety of rental equipment and tools that are in great shape. We rent tools to contractors, professionals and DIYers to help you get your projects completed, available at select CHC Home Centers. You can visit or call in to see what is available on any given day.

Tool & Equipment Rentals
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